Why create E-commerce website ?

Build your brand with online site for your shop

With E-commerce website you widen your presence in the market and it enables you to reach out to more buyers and compete with online stores, thus increasing your sales and creating new revenue streams. Update your inventory regularly and let your customers know about all the latest products and offers.

Why create website using PandayG App ?

User friendly interface, as good as self-service! Are you comfortable using apps like WhatsApp? If yes, then managing and updating your E-commerce website is going to be as easy as pie for you. You don't need to be a computer wizard.


  • 1 website for mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Payment integration for online and in-store payments (1.95% transaction charge + Service Tax)
  • Customers can see stock and order online
  • You can chat with your customers
  • Facebook page*
  • Delivery integration *
  • Website styling / shop banner*
  • Inventory management using Panday App
  • Bulk update and upload for products
  • Unlimited products upload *
  • Share your shop and products with customers directly from the app
  • Financial reports
  • 24/7 support



Rs6000/Quarter Or Rs20000/Year
  • Create a website for your shop
  • Easily manage products and deals
  • Chat with customers and sell online
  • Recieve payments online & in-store


Next Day Same Day
Weight Delivery Charges (In Rupees)* Weight Delivery Charges (In Rupees)*
Upto 2 Kgs 49 Upto 4 Kgs 100
2-4 Kgs 65 4-8 Kgs 180
4-8 Kgs 100 - -
8-12 Kgs 129 - -
Above 12 Kgs 129 + 9/Kg for weigth above 12 Kgs - -
Rest of India
Standard Express
Weight Delivery Charges (In Rupees)* Weight Delivery Charges (In Rupees)*
Upto 2 Kgs 100 Per 0.5 kgs 60
2-4 Kgs 160 - -
4-6 Kgs 180 - -
6-12 Kgs 240 - -
Above 12 Kgs 240 + 14/Kg for weigth above 12 Kgs - -

*rates shown do not include Service Tax, Insurance fees, rates for Fragile items or delivery rates for out of delivery/pick-up area

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