A lot of people will tell you how to market your new ecommerce store online, but a very few will tell you how to promote your ecommerce store office, even though it is just as important, if not more.

We’ve listed down 6 things you must start doing today to make your online store more popular.

1) Participate in business networking opportunities 

It is essential for you to get involved with networking opportunities. As you build a network, people will begin to trust you and start helping you. Yes, you may not be making instant sales, but this will give you the chance to build relationships over time which will help you generate sales in the long run. Attending meet-ups in your industry will help you connect with many potential customers.

 2) Follow up on orders

If an order is returned, do you ever know what was wrong with it? Why was the customer unhappy with the purchase? While most ecommerce companies interact with their customers only via emails, a phone call to the dissatisfied customer will not only give you an insight into what went wrong and help you understand your customers better, it will also help you save a customer that you might have lost otherwise.

3) Always carry your business card

 You might think that since you are just going out for a casual dinner, you wouldn’t need your business card, but it’s always a good idea to carry a few with you, wherever you go. Serendipity happens with you’re not expecting it at all. You never know where you might meet a potential customer. If you happen to meet someone who is interested in your store and what you sell, having your business card will make you look more professional and will make it easy for them to visit your ecommerce store later.

4) Connect and nurture relationships with the media

Local businesses are always of interest to the media but yours won’t be unless a journalist knows about you. The best way to get a journalist to cover your store is to build a relationship with them before you request them for anything. Read and comment on their content, follow and share their stuff and start a conversation with them. Then position yourself as a trusted resource when they need one.

5) Look for partnership

Don’t run from your competition, try thinking of them as a potential partnership opportunity. Whether or not you sell identical products, there may be ways for the two of you to work together and refer business to one another.

6) Giveaways

Sometimes you need to give products away for people to find out about your brand and about what you do. Giveaways are very a successful sale strategy when done the right way. Many shop owners have generated tons of leads by holding giveaways.

7) Promote your online store in your offline store

There is no better way to create a buzz about your online store than by promoting it in your offline store. Make sure to add the link to your store on your letterheads, visiting cards, shopping bags etc. Encourage your offline store customers to shop online by giving them special discounts that they can avail when shopping online.

Follow the above tips and your online store is sure to get a lot more traffic than before.  Need some help with marketing your online store? The marketing experts at PandayG are here to help. Get in touch with us today! Visit www.pandayg.com.