More and more people are shopping online these days and the reasons are many. Apart from lack of time, people like shopping online because it gives them a chance to compare products and prices, is more convenient when compared to going to a store a shopping and because most shoppers believe that online shopping will offer them more competitive pricing.

Considering the ever-growing number of people shopping online, for any businessman that wishes to be successful, an e-commerce website is absolutely essential.

We’ve listed down a few tips to improve your e-commerce website that can help your business grow:

1) Providing helpful information

Apart from providing as much information as you can about the product, another great way to help your customers is by suggesting additional suitable products. While this adds value to the purchase, it also really helps the purchaser.

2) Run loyalty programs

Reward your email, message, newsletter, social media subscribers with special discount codes, sneak peeks, offers and prizes. Loyalty programs are a great way to gain and keep long term customers.

3) Free or low-cost shipping and returns

Easy return services and low-cost or free shipping is often a determining factor for shoppers. When you offer these, the changes of getting new customers to shop on your website as well old customers returning to shop with you get much higher.

4) Videos and catchy illustrations

When a customer is buying a product, more often than not, he more interested in how the product would be useful to him or how a product can solve his problem rather than in small technical details. An online store can demonstrate how their product can help the customer, just as well, if not better than a sales assistant at a physical store.

5) Testimonials

There’s is no better way of building the trust of your audience than having testimonials from customers, both written and video, talking about your brand or product.

6) Easy payments

An online portal that offers easy and secure payments and allows users to make and receive payments from all over the world automatically increases your reach and potential customer base.

7) Quick and easy

Apart from being appealing to the user’s eyes, the website should be easy to use and navigate. Also, the website must be responsive and should look just as nice on a phone as it looks on a laptop or tab. If the website can retain information for repeat shoppers, even better. Anything that makes the users experience easy and pleasurable will take the user a step closer to completing the purchase.

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