With a clear mission and passion for everything tea, Hyvita, a store started in 2005 is now popular all over the world.  

Although Hyvita came into existence only in 2005, the Ahmed family has been in this business for over 62 years. National Tea Depot, a store started by Mr. Zaheer Ahmed’s grandfather, who named the store after India’s new-found freedom, was one of the most popular tea stores of its time, even though it was only a small retail outlet selling tea and coffee. In 2005, Mr. Ahmed’s father, along with his two sons started Hyvita tea with an aim to evolve with the changing times while keeping the values that they stand for intact.  

“While growing up, working in the tea business was my dream, I am lucky to be living it today” said Mr. Zaheer Ahmed, who runs the store along with his father and brother. While Hyvita has only one store based here in Hyderabad, the store gets orders from Pune, Delhi, Chennai and even the remotest parts of the country. Mr. Zaheer Ahmed says that their products sell because of their unbeatable quality. He says selling good quality products is their passion. We source our tea from different parts of the country and ensure we sell only the finest quality tea to our customers. TodayHyvita supplies tea to some of the biggest cafés and restaurants in Hyderabad. “People say that we have changed the market dynamics. Tea marketing industry was very disorganised for the longest time, we keep getting compliments on how we have changed that.” 

When we asked him about how his journey to success, he said that he has seen some really tough timesit’s the tough times that make you stronger”. He said that even during the toughest times they have stood by their mission to serve great tea to people and lift their mood and that has helped them bounce back each time they’ve gone through a bad phase. He says that tea business is a very dynamic business and cash flow is often an issue, however, they’ve never compromised on quality, even if it meant that didn’t make any profit at times. He claims that this is what has helped them reach where they are today. When asked about how Hyvita got so popular Mr. Zaheer said that even though they have done a few paper advertisements they’ve really got popular thanks to the good feedback their customers have given to others.  

 realised long back that I need to get my store online to increase Hyvita’s visibility but I didn’t want just a website, I want to sell through my website. We were looking for someone to create our website and thats when we got in touch with someone from PandayG’s team. We have been with PandayG for a long time now, in fact we were one of PandayG’s first customers. Getting online has helped me more than I thought it would. The number of queries have increased and now I have international customers. Hyvita tea is getting popular globally. This is all thanks to the amazing team at PandayG. The team goes out of their way to help us with anything we need. They are also very open to feedback and ensure that they work on the suggestions we give them. I truly believe that any store that hasn’t come online yet is missing out on a lot. The sooner they get online, the better.  

 When we asked him if he had any final words for our readers, he had only one thing to say – “Drink tea for good health.”