“The world has changed and everyone is on their phones and computers all the time, so if you want to sell, that is where you should be too.” – Irfan Syed (Owner, Subhan Bakers)

Ask any true blue Hyderabadi about Subhan Bakers and watch their eyes sparkle as they talk about how Subhan Bakers make the best Osmania biscuits in the Deccan. A store that was started in 1948 in a garage now has customers all over the world. If you are travelling from Hyderabad, anyone who has lived in Hyderabad for long enough would ask you to bring a box of Subhan Bakery Biscuits. 

The store moved to its current location in 1951 and in its initial years got extremely popular for its bread. So much so that even the Nizams got their bread from Subhan Bakers. When former Prime Minister Jawarhal Nehru came to Hyderabad for a visit, he only had bread supplied by Subhan Bakers.

What started off as a small bakery making breads, salt biscuits and rusks slowly expanded into a full fledged bakery making cakes, muffins and different types of biscuits. 

The bakery which was started years ago by Mr. Irfan Syed’s grandfather is now managed by him. While he used to come and spend time at the store as a school and college lad too, he officially started working at the store after finishing his MBA in 1988. 

He believes the USP of their store is the quality of their products. “We are not afraid of our competitors, they are scared of us, they try to copy us.” He claims that while many bakeries have tried to copy them and make similar products, customers still choose Subhan Bakery over their competitors as they don’t want to compromise on quality. For and for Subhan Bakery, quality come before anything.

PandayG happy customer suban bakery
PandayG happy customer suban bakery

Mr Irfan Syed further adds, “We have only one aim, serve as many people as we can and make people happy with our food.” He fondly recalls a comment from a customer, “Dua le rahe hain aap sabki” meaning, you are collecting blessings from your customers with your delicious products and amazing services. He says that that one comment touched him so deeply that it has been motivating him to work harder for years now. 

When we asked him about his future plans he said that in the coming years they not only plan on opening up new stores in the city, they also want to expand their business and open stores in other cities. “When we started our store, we never thought it’ll get so popular some day. Our aim is to open stores all over the world and become popular globally.”

In the past year or two, we had a lot of people asking us if we have an online store, thats when we realised that we need to get our store online. We were looking for someone to make our website when we were approached by PandayG. “We’ve been with PandayG for over 7 months now and we couldn’t be happier. Our business has increased since we’ve come online. The number of queries we are getting has gone up in number. We are getting orders and feedback from people from all over the world.” He said that till the time he started an online store, the only way people knew about the store was by word of mouth. 

“PandayG has helped my business in more than one ways. It has enabled me to connect with the world. Not only has getting my store online increased my sales, I now have orders coming in from all over the world. The team at PandayG is also extremely supportive. Whenever I need any help with my online store, I know assistance is only one call away.” 

He says that anyone who hasn’t started an online store yet is missing out. “The world has changed and everyone is on their phones and computers all the time, so if you want to sell, that is where you should be too.” 

So get online, head to PandayG and set up your website in just 5 minutes!

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