There is no denying that in today’s time and age, to make your business successful, you need to get it online. However, the term “online” is a very general term. Today, if you want to sell online, you have options. You can choose between selling your products on your own website or at a marketplace. It is essential for you to make the right choice to ensure that your brand and products get the attention they deserve. While selling online at a marketplace seems like a lucrative option, read on to know why selling on your own e-commerce website is a better option.

While a marketplace is a third-party site that includes product listings from a number of sellers, when you have your own website, you are independent. Buyers buy products directly from the website belonging to the business. While it is convenient to get started and maintain your store when selling at a marketplace thanks to the tons of visitors that are already purchasing from there, selling at a marketplace has its own share of cons. At most marketplaces, fees is deducted from your revenue as a percentage of each sale. The amount can go up to over 25% per sale. Also, a large customer base attracts a large number of sellers, this means a lot more competition. To add to all this, marketplaces don’t help your brand in any way. At marketplaces, the focus is only on products, not on the seller or the brand.

However, when you have your own ecommerce site, you have the freedom to present your brand and products just how you want to. It gives you the chance to create the kind shopping experience that you want for your customers. With platforms like PandayG, it has become super easy to create a beautiful customized website for your business. Another important aspect of creating your own website is that it increases your chances of sustainable long-term growth. When you have your own website, you have access to a lot of customer information that you wouldn’t have access to if you were selling at a marketplace.  This helps you better understand your customers as well as target the right audience. Additionally, with your own e-commerce website, you can take full control on the promotions of your products. Promotions can not only help you boost sales, it can also help you build customer base and clear out excess inventory.

So, the fact of the matter remains that while marketplaces can be great for initial traction and sales, your own e-commerce site is going to be a great long-term investment. Having your own customer base and to be able to market your brand and products the way you want to and that is super essential for any business to be successful as a brand. So, take control, get your own e-commerce site today. Visit,