It is essential for your business to have a high-quality website to stand out and make an impression. But what exactly is a high-quality website?

While many people say good content is what determines the success of any website it does not mean that good content alone can make your website successful. There are a lot of other factors that separate a good quality websites from others.

A good website must posses the following characteristics:

Original and unique content: Not only should each page of the website have unique content, but the content should be unique and different when compared to other websites.

Quality and expertise: Content must be produced based on a lot of research as well as experience. For example, if the topic is business related then the content should be provided by someone who is qualified in that field and can give professional business advice.

No biases: The content should be detailed and must not promote a single product. It should describe both sides of the story.

Responsive: You must ensure that your website looks great on all devices, be it a mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop.

Easy to use: The website must be user friendly and the user must be able to navigate the website easily.

Attention to detail: Content should be easy to read and have no errors. Use of relevant images and videos add life to your pages.

Optimisation: Optimisation is essential and it has many benefits but it important not to overdo it. The best websites make sure they have a good amount of non-optimised content as well. Algorithms can sometimes interpret over-optimisation as an attempt to game the system and they may take measures to stop this from happening.

Speed: A high quality website should load fast. A website with good speed will rank higher and is likely to create more conversions and sales.

Social: A good website must have social media pages like Facebook and Instagram with good reviews and a lot of followers.

User Engagement and interaction: A good website has users who spend time on the website and view at least two pages on the site. They interact with the content by leaving comments and making suggestions.

Compares well with competitors: When you take a specific keyword, your website must be better than your competitors. Studying and understanding your competitors is extremely essential.

Healthy and spam free: Lastly, a high quality website is healthy and always spam free.

While there are many other characteristics that make a good website stand out from the rest, the above mentioned characterises are some of the most important for producing a website that can be trusted and be considered as high quality.

At PandayG, our team keeps all these characterises in mind while designing a website for your business because for us there is nothing more important than your success.

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